Friday, February 25, 2011

Exciting Things are Happening!

So, once again I appologize for being away for too long, BUT things have begun to happen in my life, which I feel will allow for more creative time... which includes getting my butt on this blog to write about it!

Remember how a couple of months back I posted about applying for a design team which was being assembled by the amazing Amanda Herring over at "The Quilted Fish?" Well... I didn't make the cut, BUT -  there is a "But", and a rather important one at that! - While I did not make the initial "design team" (apparently my application got lost in the shuffle of emails, and wasn't opened until it was too late), Amanda was so impressed with my work and creativity that she offered to work with me on a one on one basis outside of the group, until an actual spot opened up. Pretty good, huh?! So, I of course accepted, and about a month ago received my first package of goodies from Amanda. Wanna see what was inside???
(I appologize that this picture is crooked... it's actually straight in my picture file on my computer, but for some reason when I upload it onto the blog it decided to go sideways. Very annoying, but what can  you do?)

How beautiful is that sight? I received a nice little package of various cuts of Amanda's "Sweet Divinity" line, as well as the cutest buttons you ever did see, and a couple of crochet flowers. This is my dream come true! Receive a package of material and nick-knacks, and have to come up with something creative? Ya, I'm all over that!

So... the wheels in my head started turning, and each item was bringing it's own inspiration to me through color, shape, and style. Finally, I think what inspired me the most was the little buttons, and crochet flowers. Those two things gave me an idea, which set my creative frenzy off with a mad dash, and everything followed quickly after that.

Want to know what I made? Well... I'm not ready to post my tutorial on this just yet, so I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that you can wear it! Stay tuned within the next couple of days to see what I made, and get the full tutorial on how you can make it yourself! Also, check out Amanda's blog to see other cool tutorials, as well as to see her wonderful line of fabrics and patterns!

Until then, take care!

~ Alicia

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