Friday, January 28, 2011

I Feel.... Shabby Chic!

So I have recently been inspired by French/English Victorian Shabby Chic design, colors, and decor, and decided to start to transform my office/design space/ creative room into a French Shabby Chic paradise. This was inspired by many different things, one being that my family is about to move to our first house EVER... YAY! Which means that I will need to redecorate all of the rooms all over again... What a bummer! ;) The french shabby chic inspiration actually came from my recent design of my daughters Barbie blanket, in which I was looking for vintage silhouettes, crochet scallops, and light pink flourishs. i originally thought that I would gear my daughters bedroom towards a "Barbie in Paris" theme, but I now think that I will focus this attention to my office instead. My daughter will still get an awesome room designed, but I think I will take teh French theme for myself. The secong inspiration for my new office design is Michaels, yes, the craft store. Michaels is currently carrying a GORGEOUS french shabby chic line of decor, made by Ashland home decor. So, I purchased a dusty rose wire dress form, a couple of decorative hangers with the eiffel tower and victorian skeleton key designs, and a couple of stacking boxes in teh same basic style. What I am planning is to paint my new office a light dusty rose/ petal pink, with cream trim, and use black accents - such as shelves and knobs - around the room. I also want to invest in some glass apothecary decanters to hold my various nick knacks, and perhaps drape chiffon and pearls around the room in different ways. I also am on the lookout for Victorian mirrors and picture frames; I'd like to have one main picture frame hanging on the wall (I saw the perfect one at the Road to California Quilt show this past weekend), and would like the smaller picture frames for applique work that I would like to design to embellish my walls. The applique work I'd like to incorporate would include various silhouettes of women, a chandalier, bird cages, skeleton keys, the eiffel tower, fleur de lis, and a crown, all of which would be embellished appropriatly, and mounted on a beutifully quilted background in a shabby chic appropriate style. My main goal is to turn my office/design space into a "happy" inspiring place to be. As of right now, all of my inspirational pictures are just copied and pasted to a Word document, but as soon as I have something concrete to show, I'll take a picture and get it uploaded in here ASAP!

My word of advice to everyone out there.... Let the world inspire you! There are so many things worth being inspired by, wether it be an old vintage mirror, or a beautiful combination of colors, or a picture of a bird. Once you get inspired, don't get in your way; let the creativity flow with every inspiration/ thought that comes to mind. This is how great things happen!

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