Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I now give to you my latest creation.... The Book Wreath!!

It's amazing, I must say. I originally saw this wreath on the Quilted Fish blog spot, which then linked me to another site with directions on how to make this beatuty myself. While a book did need to be destroyed, it lended itself to a beautiful piece of art that hangs nicely above my bookshelf, and bring character to my living room.

This took me a few hours to create, especially since I went with a 12" foam ring rather than the suggested 10", but the outcome is well worth it!

Want to know how to make it yourself?? Find it here on this link: http://livingwithlindsay.com/2009/11/librarians-please-avert-your-eyes.html

I also went to my local thrift store and bought a stack of old books ($.25 ea.) and used them in place of a new(er) book. This ended up being even better due to the fact that there is already the yellowing/browning of the edges which enhances it's rustic antiquity. If you go this route you could skip the painting of the edges all together, although I did apply some stain to the edges as well. All in all, this is a great project that doesn't break the bank (unless you buy supplies from Michaels like I did... not too smart!), and can be completed in a few hours. Want something to do for a craft party, or need an idea for a unique gift? Make this!

More pictures of my finished product!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kaylie's Closet Patterns!

After many requests for me to create patterns for my "Wildlife" hats, I have finally decided to sit down and make it happen. Let me start off my saying that I HATE writing patterns; which is apparent in teh fact that I have been dodging this task for a couple of years now. The decision was made when, the other day, I received an order for my "King of the Jungle" beanie. While sitting down making this beanie the other night, I got confused as to whether the mjic circle for a 2T was supposed to be 60 or 66 sc, so through trial and error (which wasted 2 hours of my life!) I realized that it was supposed to be 60... not 66. SO I decided, "Hey, it would be much easier if I just wrote this down!" So I did. I also get confused as to which size crochet hook I was using, so I wrote that down too. Well, once I got started on the size of the hook, and how many sitches needed to be done to create my hat, I realized that I was half way to having a pettern drafted. A couple of pictures later, and a little bit of detail to the directions, and my pattern is almost complete. Now all I need to do is create a pattern for other sizes... which is a problem. I think for now I will just draft up all of my patterns for my most popular 2T+, and then add other sizes later as I go. The bottom line is that I am finally getting somewhere with solidifying my ideas into patterns. I now get to chalk 1 big point up on my "good job" list for the day! Yay!

Keep tuned to see when I finally have the patterns ready for sale, as well as complete kits to turn the patterns into an amazing product! More patterns are soon to follow.

*** All of my items, including future patterns can be found at www.kayliescloset.etsy.com

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quilted Fish Giveaway!!!

This year I began a new hobby (I know... as if I REALLY need another one!) - quilting! After years of protest that quilting was an "old lady" thing to do, I finally got sucked into it, first by the excuse of recreating my daughters favorite blankie, and now simply because it is awesome! I must confess, I have become absolutely obsessed with fabric, and drool incessantly over the lastest patterns and crafty ideas. There is one thing that sets be apart from the "old lady" quilters, howver, (other than just my age) and that is my fresh new ideas and creativity. I hate plain quilts! If I am going to put endless hours into a blanket, it is going to be "hooked up." My first quilt ever was a mini mouse blanket for my daughter, complete with a hand appliqued mini mouse head with a 3D bow, tiny pink bows at all the block corners, and flower buttons on the back. I like to do everything to the max, make evrything uuber girly, fun, and trendy, and treat every blanket like a "Close to My Heart" scrapbook!

Anyway, what promted me to write this blog in the first place is that one of my favorite quilters that I have ever come across - Amanda Herring, thequiltedfish.com - is having an amazing giveaway right now for some of her patterns, including amazing fabric to bring them to life. How great is that? Not only do I suggest to everyone to go check out her website for the giveaway, but I highly reccomend Amandas work and creativity to anyone who is looking for fun, unique, creative, and sassy quilting creations for the younger generation. I absolutely fell in love with Amanda and her work at the Long BEach quilt show earlier this summer, and she truely is an inspiration to me and a creative artist! I will never forget her and her work... she is truely an amazing woman!