Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kaylie's Closet Patterns!

After many requests for me to create patterns for my "Wildlife" hats, I have finally decided to sit down and make it happen. Let me start off my saying that I HATE writing patterns; which is apparent in teh fact that I have been dodging this task for a couple of years now. The decision was made when, the other day, I received an order for my "King of the Jungle" beanie. While sitting down making this beanie the other night, I got confused as to whether the mjic circle for a 2T was supposed to be 60 or 66 sc, so through trial and error (which wasted 2 hours of my life!) I realized that it was supposed to be 60... not 66. SO I decided, "Hey, it would be much easier if I just wrote this down!" So I did. I also get confused as to which size crochet hook I was using, so I wrote that down too. Well, once I got started on the size of the hook, and how many sitches needed to be done to create my hat, I realized that I was half way to having a pettern drafted. A couple of pictures later, and a little bit of detail to the directions, and my pattern is almost complete. Now all I need to do is create a pattern for other sizes... which is a problem. I think for now I will just draft up all of my patterns for my most popular 2T+, and then add other sizes later as I go. The bottom line is that I am finally getting somewhere with solidifying my ideas into patterns. I now get to chalk 1 big point up on my "good job" list for the day! Yay!

Keep tuned to see when I finally have the patterns ready for sale, as well as complete kits to turn the patterns into an amazing product! More patterns are soon to follow.

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