Monday, December 21, 2009


Oh my goodnes... things have gotten crazy around here! With the holdidays fast approaching (Christmas is now 4 days away!!) I am running around trying to tie up all of the loos ends to get ready for the big day. My family and I are leaving to visting family in Utah for Christmas and are leaving bright and early Thursday morning, what I consider still Wednesday night (4am), which leaves me 3 days to finish buying gifts, wrap presents, and creatively pack everything into the trunk of my Nissan Altima. Ummm... does Santa help with moms too? On top of it all we are in the process of moving, and are actually behind schedule. We are currently finishing painting the bedrooms, and Wednesday we are having new carpet put into the condo. When we get back next Monday, we are then going to hire a moving truck and get everything moved into our new place. Then... we go to pick up our new puppy. What a week!

So... there's my little rant about my life. I will post in a little bit about my crochet business, including all of the exciting new products and ventures I am beginning with that!