Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Can you believe that Christmas has already come and passed us by? This is the time of year I usually get a bit sad... you see, we have all this anicipation for an entire month over Santa and the count-down to Christmas day, and within 24 hours it's all over. I'm getting ready to tear everything down, and finally get my home cleaned up, but I feel as if a small part of me will break when I do it. Then again, we are approaching a new and exciting year here in a couple of days, and that brings a smile to my face. My daughter will be turning 3 on January 10th! I can't even believe it. My daughter is turning 3! Where has time gone? This time of year is just very humbling to me, and always seems to put things into perspective.

Anywho... I want to appologize for not posting on here for quite some time. Sometime around September of this year, my hard drive crashed on my computer, and it took up to a couple of weeks ago to finally get it fixed and up and running. NOW, I plan to get on here at least twice a month, hopefully once a week.

On the craetive side of things, I've got many new and exciting things planned for this year! I just got a cricut machine for Christmas, so I am thinking about re-opening and re-vamping my cards and invitation store on etsy, as well as expanding my crochet store to include knit and possibly quilted items as well. If I do that, however, I'll have to think up a new slogan for my store. Hmmm.... what to do.... what to do?

Another exciting opportunity that might be possible is Amanda Fish's - of "The Quilted Fish" - new design team that she is putting together. Basically, Amanda is compiling a team of 5-10 creative minds across the country and giving them projects, goals, and tasks to design, complete, and blog about, in order to promote her line of products.... at least that what I think it's for!? Either way, it will be a blast, and it would allow for me to design and create - something I absolutely LOVE to do - colaborate with other designers, and share my experiences with others. How amazing would that be? I just submitted my application to her a couple of days ago, so now I am just anxiously awaiting her decision. But just as a heads up, IF I were to make this awesome team, this blog will be getting ALOT of attention, and will be broadened to include many different crafts, ideas, tutorials, etc. Lets all cross our fingers that it works out!

Well... I have a little rug rat calling my name right now, so I'll finish this post for now. I hope to be back with another post and update within the next week.

Happy Holidays!


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