Saturday, January 5, 2013

NEW project Update... Completed Atlanta Braves Blanket!

So, it took me a year to update, but here it is... better late than never I suppose. 
Last year I began working on an Atlanta Braves blanket for my husband, which I planned to incorporate their various logos into one big quilt for our outings to games... or just watching them on the sofa at home. It took a LONG time, and I completely improvised as I went, but here it is, the completed project.

The center logo was traced, and cut out in layers, and then sewn together layer by layer to create one big applique. It was a compete pain in the butt, but ended up paying off and being worth it in the end. Doesn't it look amazing?!

Along the short edges I have the old logos, starting back in 1900 with the Boston Beaneaters, all the way up to 1966 when they became the Atlanta Braves.

The long edges then repeat the newer logos (I didn't get the newest double crossed tamawk logo, as this just came out after I had finished printing everything. :( ).

I then went really simple with the back and quilting, just using a licensed fleece with the Atlanta logo print, and a basic diamond quilted design, which I think ended up suiting the blanket perfectly. Then edges were then finished up with blue satin, and viola, it's complete!

There... I feel SO much better having finally done an update on this blanket. It's been bothering me for a year, that I made the last post talking about all my big plans, and then just left it hanging. For those of you who saw that original post, I hope you like the finished product!

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